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I began my photographic journey in 1994, when I received a hand-me-down Pentax Spotmatic as a gift. I was captivated by the wonder of shooting and developing film; the stories that I could tell, the images that could create mood and reflect a period of time with my interpretation. This love for the story telling capacity of photography has never faded. 

I began shooting professionally in 2002 and have worked across numerous genres. I began in the fashion industry, but soon migrated into motorsport and editorial photography working for large publishing houses in South Africa. In 2009 I won a Sony ProFoto award for my interior art photography. After discovering meditation and embarking on my spiritual path in 2017, I oriented all my skills to people making an impact in the world. 

Please browse through my portfolio and take a look at some of the unique and interesting shoots I've done over the years. 

My Awards

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In 2013, after surviving an attempted murder outside my home, I noticed a residue of fear directed specifically at black men. The five men who had tried to shoot me when I interrupted a carjacking, were all black. In an effort to disarm this fear, I armed myself with a camera and walked the streets of some of the most violent neighborhoods in Johannesburg. When I felt fear in the presence of a black man, the only rule was that I had to approach him and engage in conversation with him. The result was a wonderful and profound humanization of an irrational but understandable fear that was brewing within me. These images became part of an exhibition around inherent racism and are aimed at inviting the viewer to uncover and acknowledge their unseen racially tainted thoughts and emotions. 

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In 2007 I was tasked with shooting the Anglo Gold Ashanti Young Designer's Collection. The project empowers young designers from developing countries around the world to actualize their designs. These pieces are solid gold and required bodyguards on set!


In 2017, I was tasked with capturing the inspiration, strength and beauty in the femininity of all women. The aim was to show women of all shapes and ages celebrating themselves and each other. 

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Whilst living in Thailand, I met an extraordinary human who was full of life and so animated with joy. She drew sacred geometry and hand-poked these images onto her clients. It was a fascinating and engaging project that I loved shooting.

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Arja Hendricks, a sacred sexuality coach, needed a set of images that conveyed the inclusion of spirituality into sexuality. The images needed to be tasteful and still sufficiently enticing!

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