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Recent Work

In 2017, following a series of Xenophobic attacks in Johannesburg, I set about creating this short film under the curatorship of Sophie Kanza - a charity dedeicated to eradicating xenophobia in South Africa. The film won a Plural Plus award the same year.

Sophie Kanza.jpg

Tal Swissa from Luna Alignment Yoga needed a new promotional video as well as photography, to be used across a variety of platforms - social media, Facebook and Google advertising as well as her website. 

Luna Alignment.jpg

Dominique Hozl, a yoga teacher who provides mountain climbing and yoga retreats was looking for a short promotional video to entice clients on her website. We filmed this in Koh Pangan, Thailand, despite the incredible shortage of rocks to climb!

Tantrika Institute, an online yoga university specializing in classical Tantrik yoga, creates a large amount of online courses. This is one of the short promo videos I made for one of their courses. I shoot all of their course which are held on their online learning portal. 

Tantrika v 2 001.jpg

Edgardo Perros is a unique human being. It's safe to say I've never met anyone like him. He has walked the perimeter of Mexico saving abandoned and injured dogs. Through this video and a social media campaign, I was able to raise over $15 000 for Edgardo.


Pujan Yoga in Thailand were looking for a new video for their website to give wannabe students a taste of their teaching style and beautiful location. 

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